How do I store the seltzer bottles?

Store at room temperature, either upright or laying down.  Do not expose to extreme heat or subject to freezing. NEVER put seltzer bottles in the freezer. 

What is the best way to serve seltzer?

Can I serve seltzer over ice?

Always refrigerate adequately before serving.  Warm seltzer will always seem flat.  Seltzer must always be served cold for the best "bite".  

What is "bite"?

"Bite" is the effect of those bubbles in the back of your throat that usually hurts when you swallow it.  GOOD seltzer should hurt. 

Although it's a matter of taste, ice dilutes the carbonation, thereby making it somewhat flat. 

Can these bottles break?

These bottle are under pressure--handle with care.  Do not drop them or knock them in any way.  If a bottle should break, discard the broken glass carefully and save the metal head and straw. 

How long will this seltzer retain its fizz?

This bottle dispenses the seltzer using an internal valve.  Since the bottle is never actually opened, the pressure is never released out of the bottle (as it would be in a bottle with a twist-off cap).  Therefore, this seltzer retains its fizz for much longer than it will ever take you to use it. 

How often can I get seltzer delivered?

We will deliver seltzer to you as often as you need it.  We prefer you use a case of 10 bottles within  2-3 weeks at most.

What is the cost?

Please contact us for more information.

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