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Brooklyn Seltzer Boys offers delivery for your business or private residence.  If you would like to order seltzer for delivery, please call Brooklyn Seltzer Boys at 718.649.0800 or you may use our contact form.

We have glass seltzer bottles in a variety of shades, many of which were hand-blown in Czechoslovakia and Austria.  Most of these bottles have either a silk-screening or an etching of logos of seltzer delivery companies and seltzermen long-gone. 

In addition to seltzer, we carry a variety of the original Fox's U-Bet syrups for making flavored sodas, and of course chocolate syrup for those famous New York Egg-Creams.  

Take a look at the products we offer for you to enjoy!

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Brooklyn Seltzer Boys

855 East 92nd Street

Brooklyn, NY 11236


Phone: 718.649.0800


Open: Monday - Friday 

               7am - 4pm


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The Seltzer Sisters are located in San Francisco, CA. They offer old-fashioned seltzer just like we do.
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