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The Brooklyn Seltzer Museum invites you to experience the 1,500 year history of seltzer water. 

At the family-oriented Brooklyn Seltzer Museum, you will:

  • Feel the Spritz: Hold a real seltzer siphon and spray it into your mouth at the Spritzing Station. 
  • Trace Time: Journey through over a millennia of seltzer history and add your own personal memories to the Seltzer Milestones.
  • Take the Seltzer Journey: Spin the paddle, excite the molecules, and learn how the Brooklyn Seltzer Boys transforms regular NYC water into seltzer using tools and machinery a century old. 
  • Enter the Machines: Use 3D models on a mobile device, go inside the seltzer machinery to learn how seltzer is made. 
  • Solve the Puzzle: Take the challenge of rebuilding the entire seltzer line, using laser-cut wood pieces. 
  • Watch the Videos: Learn about the three pillars of the Brooklyn Seltzer Boys -- a community of customers, the power of the siphon, and sustainable business model. 
  • Meet the Customers: Page through the customer storybook, learning who drinks seltzer and their relationship with the Brooklyn Seltzer Boys. 
  • Pose with Spritz: Take photos with the Museum mascots - Spritz and Siphon & Lil Spritz!

Admission currently only available by appointment only. Sign up below to learn when appointments become available.

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