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Brooklyn Seltzer Boys delivers old fashioned seltzer filled by the last remaining seltzer shop in New York City--Gomberg Seltzer Works, Inc.  We deliver seltzer in old-fashioned siphon bottles directly to your home or business.  Bring back those childhood memories as you sip on the brisk and bubbly Brooklyn tap water!

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Seltzer is Healthy!

According to New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection, New York City tap water is world-renowned for its quality.

Seltzer is not much different than water.  It is calorie-free, sugar-free and fat-free. The only difference is the added carbon dioxide that creates the fizz and gives seltzer its bite. 

Seltzer is Environmentally Sustainable!

Reusing is even better than recycling!  At Brooklyn Seltzer Boys, we reuse the existing bottles time and time again.  The heavy glass bottles have been cleaned and refilled for decades.

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Brooklyn Seltzer has achieved the highest level certification for products manufactured in Brooklyn!



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The Seltzer Sisters are located in San Francisco, CA. They offer old-fashioned seltzer just like we do.
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