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Thank you for your interest in Brooklyn Seltzer Boys!!!  We deliver seltzer in Old Fashioned bottles right to your door. Here is some basic information regarding our service...

One time delivery - $115 per case (+$100 Deposit)

Monthly Service - $50 per case (+$100 Activation Fee, + $5 Fee for difficult deliveries - Parking, Stairs, etc.)

Minimum Order - 1 Case per month

Each case holds 10 bottles/26oz per bottle)

**Unfortunately we do not allow our customers to keep seltzer bottles.  They must be returned as they are no longer manufactured.  For bottles not returned, there will be a $50 charge

Currently, we have a wait-list for Residential Customers.  Please fill out the form below and we will call you to set up your account.

It is important that you understand the following when you become a customer...

Bottles must be handled with care
Please keep bottles out of reach of children
Contents are under pressure. If dropped or banged together, they can potentially explode.
Do not subject bottles to freezing temperatures or expose to extreme heat
Never place a bottle in a freezer
You may store at room temperature either standing or laying flat
Seltzer must be used refrigerated for best “bite”
When dispensing seltzer, if stream should weaken, release trigger, give ONE vigorous shake, wait 5 seconds, then continue to dispense
If a bottle should break, discard the glass bottle carefully.  The seltzer head and glass tube must be returned to Brooklyn Seltzer Boys. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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