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Brooklyn Seltzer Boys is the newest "old" business around!  We are committed to keeping our product alive through new promotions and excellence in seltzer delivery service.  Our direct ties with Gomberg Seltzer Works allow for an excellent product and a strong reputation.  Our team is supported by years of experience in the seltzer industry.  Gomberg Seltzer Works Inc. was founded by Moe Gomberg in 1953, at the same location we still occupy today here in Canarsie, Brooklyn.  Moe's son Pacey continued the legacy until his retirement in the 70's.   

The reins we then passed to Pacey's son Kenny Gomberg and son-in-law Irv Resnick, who have been in the business for over thirty years. These seltzermen are anxious to expand the seltzer business throughout Brooklyn and its surrounding areas and will go above and beyond to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The newest addition to the seltzer family is Kenny's son, Alex Gomberg. A recent Masters Grad from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, he now represents the fourth generation of Gombergs to join the seltzer business and is working to keep the tradition alive. 

If you have any questions/inquiries regarding seltzer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you!

Our Team